Peanuts, Nuts, and Beans from Japan

Deyoshi Honten

Nuts, Peanuts from Japan

Deyoshi Honten, from Nara, Japan is proudly serving the following products for you as a company since 1953:

Our main products are peanuts, made in Japan, while we deal peanuts from China and Australia. Other nuts are imported from other countries such as India, Kenya, and the United States.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on our nuts and other products, their ingredients, quality and allergen information.


nuts from japannuts from japan

3 Unique Points of Our Caramel Coated Macadamias

I. Our macadamias do not become sticky in the condition of high temperature and high humid, which is like Japanese summer time.

II. We use honey and special sugar, which is called Arabinose, to provide healthy products. Arabinose is said to be beneficial to weight control and blood sugar control.

III. We use honey that is manufactured in our local community for our intention of providing fresh and healthy products and activating local economy.

Driving innovation to meet consumers' demand for nutritional snacks since when being founded by Zotaro Hasegawa in 1953, our company continues his business tradition of unleashing new products which are in demand by our customers. A deep 7th family generation business history and outstanding customer service have allowed the company motto to become one of the best wholesale and manufacturing companies in Japan.

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